South Galway Flood Relief Committee

Derrybrien Windfarm Penalty Tracker
Lump Sum fine< €5,000,000
Accumulated Daily Fine €2,161,044
Total Fine €7,161,044
The Court of Justice of the European Union has imposed a €5 million fine on the State, plus ongoing daily penalties, for failing to complete an environmental impact assessment (EIA) – ordered in a 2008 judgment – on
the Derrybrien wind farm in Galway. This very large facility has been developed and operated by a wholly-owner subsidiary of the ESB.
In light of the seriousness and duration of the failure to fulfil obligations, with more than 11 years having passed, the court ordered Ireland to pay a lump sum of €5 million to the European Commission, as well as a periodic penalty payment of €15,000 per day from 12th Nov 2019 until the date of compliance with the 2008 judgment. This fine is not being paid by the corporation who did the damage (ESB) but by the Irish Taxpayer

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